First Global International Investment Group Inc (BD) is an investment holding company specialized in capital investment and acquisition worldwide. BD also involves in development and operation of varies industries like, mineral, real estate, agriculture, fruit & vegetable production, tourism, infrastructure and hi-tech industries. BD has a team of experts in engineering & design, construction and equity investment, with projects located in Eastern China, Hong Kong, Macao, Portugal, Canada and U.S.

In 2004, the company has developed and owned Shanghai Citigroup Tower in Shanghai Lujiazui Financial Zone. This 43-story class A office building is currently under the company’s management.

In the U.S., BD has invested in several real estate projects in California, including hotels, retail shops and commercial buildings.

In Australia, BD has obtained development permits for oil & gas exploration within a total area of 15,500 square kilometers. A total number of 11 wells have been drilled. According to the latest pre-exploration report, there is an oil formation which may contain a volume of 2 billion barrels.

In Canada, BD has invested in Redford Iron project located in Victoria Island of BC and Sell Bay Copper project in Yukong area.

In Portugal, BD has large investments in downtown Lisbon.

With a successful investment and a mature management, BD aims at continuing to manage the company in lines with the standards of an multi-national corporation, actively introducing advanced expertise in management, continuing to extend new investment fields in China and overseas, cooperating with international professional groups and famous companies and developing projects with first-class quality, finally reaching the goal of “First class Management and First Class Performance” through the flexible and effective operation.

BD opens to opportunities and collaborations from all fields.

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